For only $24.99 you will receive a complete 3-phase weight loss fitness and nutrition program (with menus, recipes, shopping lists) and all of the tip/tricks to lose the weight and keep it off!

The most proven and successful
long-term weight loss program design available


Much like with the world's best magicians, the most accomplished and results producing weight loss/fitness professionals keep their secrets under tight lock and key. Though I attribute my enormous professional accomplishments to the same secrets I discovered during my personal weight loss success, it is my life's conviction to help as many people as possible to once and for all lose the extra unhealthy weight and keep it off. With that, I am opening the "vault" and making available to you the very programming approach that I have used for myself and for my clients.

What has made this program so successful in helping hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds is that it begins gradually and progresses as you do. It is divided into three phases which go completely at your pace and allows you to develop sustainable nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits.


Exercise and cardio conditioning basics paired with fat burning/metabolism boosting nutrition program including menus and recipes, using easy to prepare and delicious foods!


Introduction to metabolic exercise training precision paired with a metabolism jump-starting nutrition program to include menus and recipes using easy, convenient, delicious foods that you're sure to enjoy!


Plateau bursting/results enhancing exercise programming guaranteed to maximize your calorie burn strategically paired with a complete nutrition program designed to incinerate those final pounds! Includes menus and recipes for awesome foods that taste as great as they are healthy!


You will receive tips for hydration, safety, stress management, and exercise basics to ensure that you get off to a safe and enjoyable start!

"These are real people and real results. Some lose the weight faster than others, but the key is that the weight comes off and stays off because the programs are doable long-term and do not leave you hating life in the process."


"I lost 30 pounds in just 9 months!"

Jenny D.

"Individual Results May Vary"

"At 64 years old I lost 125 pounds in 10 months!"

Judy C.

"Individual Results May Vary"

You will receive complete precision paired exercise and nutrition programs, for each phase, that are engineered to be completely doable for anyone at any conditioning level. These include detailed instructions, menus, recipes, shopping lists and how to's. Being in .pdf format provides you hardcopy and/or digitally viewable information to help facilitate sustainability. You will have access to this information forever. This will not only help you to lose weight but to keep it off.

"Though I've always loved my food and hated exercise, this program has worked wonders for me, I lost 35 pounds in only 6 months and am stronger than ever!”

Mark K.

"Individual Results May Vary"

Because I've always wanted to help many more people to lose weight and feel great than I could fit within the four walls of my gym, I have priced this complete program at a very affordable one-time payment of $99! This makes getting to a healthy weight affordable for anyone who has made the decision to make the change.

Purchasing is simple. Once you make payment, you will receive an email containing your COMPLETE, simple-to-follow program components attached. You will immediately be ready to begin phase-1!



"At 66yrs old and with bad knees I was still able to do Joe’s program, lose 66 pounds in 8 months and feel better than I have in many years"

Barbara H.

"Individual Results May Vary"

"140 pounds lost in under a year, Joe’s program is the real deal and worth every penny and ounce of sweat!"

Paul R.

"Individual Results May Vary"

Easy to follow illustrated exercise programming is strategically designed to boost fat loss while progressing at your pace. Below are just a couple examples of the many exercises you will learn how to correctly and safely execute. You will also learn how to progress the exercises as you are ready. Additionally, these programs can be done at home with minimal equipment or they can help you to take full advantage of a gym membership!

Step-by-step nutrition programs are meticulously designed to enhance metabolism and optimize fat burning while utilizing delicious foods. You will want to make these recipes a part of your permanent collection!



"I feel great, I’m healthy, and I’m active again – all at a normal body weight – I love me and I’m never going back"

Rod P.

"Individual Results May Vary"

"It took a massive heart attack to open my eyes, I lost 58 pounds which has saved my life..."

Steve T.

"Individual Results May Vary"

"Joe never gave up on me and would not let me quit. I lost 20 pounds in only 4-months!"

Melissa C.

"Individual Results May Vary"

About Program Developer/Master Trainer Joe Carson BS, NASM-CPT, NASM-FNS

In the past decade as a Fitness Professional and owner of an elite level private training gym, Success Fitness, I have had the privilege of helping countless people to change their lives...working with everyone from home makers through celebrities and professional athletes. I am now bringing my many years of skill, knowledge, and expertise to the online world in an effort to guide, motivate, inspire, and help as many people as possible to enjoy the same rewards as my one-on-one clients. I hope you are as excited to begin as I am to help make your dream body a reality!


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Question and Answer:

Q: Do I need to be somewhat in shape before beginning this program?
A: No, this program is designed to allow for you to progress at your pace - making it ideal for anybody at any fitness level

Q: Will I need to go and buy a bunch of supplements?
A: No, supplements are just that "in addition to", which means that as long as you are eating clean/healthy/balanced meals (such as those recommended with this program), your supplementation needs will be minimal

Q: How fast will I see results?
A: This is 100% up to you! Program compliance is the key to results and understanding that in order to change, you will have to make some changes. However, if followed at least 90% you will start noticing significant differences within just a couple of weeks

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: Due to the nature of this type of product, refunds are not provided. Ultimately, I have done my part by providing you with a solid/tried/proven program - the rest is up to you.

Q: What do I do once I've reached my goal? How do I keep the weight off?
A: One of the many awesome attributes of this program is, that you OWN IT! Meaning, you forever have all of the menu's, all of the recipes, all of the various exercise programs and can now decide what is going to be the best fit for your new lifestyle! - Not a bad deal for only $99!

Q: Who is this program for, someone who needs to lose a few pounds or large amounts of weight?
A: This program works equally well with both! Because of it's unique design and self-paced progressions the programs produce results whether you have 10 or 15 pounds to lose or if you have a couple of hundred! Keeping in mind, that those with smaller amounts of weight to lose will have to work a little harder and be more diligent with the nutrition because it takes less energy to move their body.